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 North Dakota Oil Field Info
The premier website to find information on North Dakota Oil, Jobs in North Dakota, Bakken Oil Field info.

    We saw the news reports and read the articles "North Dakota is a boomtown for oil and jobs", wow could it be true? In this economy? There is a place that has no shortage of good paying jobs?  Pack up the car and let's get over there!! Well, not really. We are the type of people who like a well thought out plan. No problem, we will just research it on the internet and make that plan. We searched and searched for weeks and then months. The information was vague at best. There are hundreds of articles about the oil fields and low unemployment rate. Websites showing the oil fields and well locations. Not one website to guide you through the move from more than a thousand miles away with the important information like housing options, city information, employment, winter tips (yeah it's cold), schools, shopping and the multitude of other things you need to know BEFORE you go. Please don't just jump in the car and drive to a state you have never been to without some guidance. The housing is limited and though you may be able to live in your car during the spring and summer, that could result in death during the winter time. Don't get me wrong the move is definitely worth it. I spent 10 to 12 hours a day trying to get the information we needed. Many people don't have the luxury of doing this. When you barely have the money to feed your family and keep a roof over your head despiration creeps in. That made me think, what if I put all of our research into an easy to understand guide that could help thousands of others that are in the same boat we were in. I wish this existed when we started out. We could have been up here making money instead of spending 100's of hours of unpaid time on google. Comprehensive information on the North Dakota Oil Fields and the North Dakota cities surrounding the oil fields.

    The "Getting Started Guide" will include city information,housing options, employment guide, oil field info, contacts and everything else that goes along with relocation. Of course, this information changes often and once you have purchased I will send you frequent updates to help you along

        This is the most comprehensive guide you will find with specific information that you will need to find housing and get a job.
What you will find in the Guide:

  • Information on the cities surrounding the oil fields including a summary on the city, lodging and temporary housing, rv parks with phone numbers and websites.
  • A summary on the oil field
  • Over 20 employment websites with current job openings in the area. This includes the major players in the oil fields.
  • Answers to the frequently asked questions.
  • Frequent newsletters with updates sent directly to your email.
Your guide will be automatically forwarded to your email following payment through PayPal. No waiting. Instant access. You don't need a paypal account to purchase, simply choose pay as a guest on the PayPal page.

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